The North Entrance

This picture, courtesy of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County, was taken just inside the north entrance of the hotel. The window on the right faces north. Outside the door, a long piazza stretched to the little train station. The tennis courts were on the east side of the piazza. From here, guests started their very long walk to the front desk.

The picture is rich in detail. The room looks to be set up for a high tea. Note the elegant lace tablecloths and curtains. A string surrounds the table beneath the sconce (center left) to keep guests away from some very fancy glass and china.

The china on the table to the right is white with green and orange trim. Examples are on display at The Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum located in the restored courthouse in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida.      


Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely wonderful site. Thank you for the memories and for helping to preserve our heritage.

Anonymous said...

I love this site and the pictures and information. My uncle, as a child walking through the rubble in that lot, found some old luncheon menus. He had one framed for me from lunch on February 24, 1932 and I hang it proudly in my dining room. Our family are members of the Pioneers of Lake Worth, and I really loved seeing all of this. I forwarded the link to my uncle and he also was thrilled with it; he is 94!