All Aboard! From the Hotel Royal Poinciana To The Breakers

The top photograph shows the trolley track at the south end of Royal Poinciana. Guests had the choice of walking across the island to the Breakers, middle, or taking the mule trolley. For years the only vehicles allowed on Palm Beach were the train, trolley or bicycle chairs. Click to enlarge! (Library of Congress)

From the Breakers to the Hotel Royal Poinciana

A stunning triptych taken by a Detroit Publishing photographer in 1900. This scene was taken from a perch on the Breakers casino looking west towards the Royal Poinciana Hotel. Click to enlarge!
The track, originally a rail line from the pier, (bottom picture) served as a trolley line for the popular mule-drawn trolley car. Guests could choose to walk along the Australian Pines (south side of the track) or among the palms (north side.) Click to enlarge!
(Library of Congress)


This is a hi-res scan of the hallway outside the Garden Grill.  It's hand-colored but a pretty accurate look at the color scheme of the hotel. A piano sits at the end of the hallway- one of several scattered throughout the hotel. Off to the right were the staff dining rooms and barber shop. Behind you is a large lounge and the front desk.