The Front Walk

A view of the grounds taken in 1903 before the east/west Piazza was built. The picture shows a view of the walk leading from the main entrance of the hotel (to the back of photographer Burr McIntosh) looking west to the docks. The portion of the walk on the right leads to the north along the front of the hotel.

This photo from the University of California, shows the same walk, about mid-way, taken from the opposite direction. 

Henry Flagler- The Movie


The gentleman in this stereograph from the University of California collection is unidentified. Of course we know it's Henry Morrison Flagler sitting in front of his newly completed mansion "Whitehall." The marble bench is still there, just inside the entrance gate.


Gibson Girls

Three young ladies, looking straight out of a Charles Dana Gibson cartoon pose on the Lake Trail in 1903. Henry Flagler's 60,000 square foot Gilded Age masterpiece, Whitehall, completed a year earlier, looms in the background.

Photo by Burr McIntosh


Dancing With the Palms

In this photograph, taken in 1903 by actor/photographer Burr McIntosh, hotel guests are seated around the dance floor in the Cocoanut Grove listening to a concert performed by the hotel band.


On the Jungle Trail


Since learning my new trick I can't resist creating little two-frame movies from stereographs. This card depicts what appears to be a family- father and attractive daughter in the front with Mother and son close behind. The drivers, wearing tunics and badges on their caps, work for the hotel.  This area appears to be the Jungle Trail- a winding, zig-zagging path that was located south of the middle bridge near the Society of the Four Arts. Alligator Joe's attraction was conveniently located at the south end of the trail where Worth Avenue is located.