May I Have This Dance?

The octagonal Ball Room had two levels. The first level- just up the stairs at the east end of the lobby, provided a hidden bar for the men - access could made by a secret corridor from the Mens toilet. Wags called it "Hypocrite's Row." More on that later.
Women met for tea and cakes across the hall in the Palm Room.

This is a very nice view of the Ball Room. The entrance is beneath the balcony/bandstand center. Note the electric lights trimming the ceiling. Today, worshipers at Memorial Presbyterian Church on Olive St. (West Palm Beach- a block north of the Norton Museum of Art) might be surprised to learn they are kneeling on this floor! The exterior of the church was built from bricks salvaged from the chimneys of the hotel after it was demolished. (Source: Palm Beach by Richard Marconi and Debi Murray.)

View of the Octagonal Ball Room from the southeast side of the hotel. Guest could step outside on the porch for a bit of privacy or fresh air.

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